Nick Kewney

Software Architect & Product Builder

Needs extra legroom on planes

Hey 👋 I’m Nick! I build & lead teams who create products & solutions that help people do more.

I am a passionate technical leader & full-stack software architect with over 14 years’ experience in designing & delivering largescale commercial cloud SaaS software solutions, predominantly using Microsoft technologies. 

As a hands-on leader, I have a proven track record of building effective on-site & remote software teams, based on the sharing of good practice, defining clear processes, implementing best-of-breed systems and shipping quality code.

Latest Posts

Extracting a price from a VARCHAR in T-SQL

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[fn_extract_currency_from_string] (@string VARCHAR(1000)) RETURNS VARCHAR(255) AS BEGIN DECLARE @var VARCHAR(1000) = @string DECLARE @len INT = LEN(@var) DECLARE @start_position INT ,@end_position INT DECLARE

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T-SQL script for identifying deadlocked processes

A useful script for identifying SQL deadlock cause/victim. WITH [Blocking] AS (SELECT w.[session_id] ,s.[original_login_name] ,s.[login_name] ,w.[wait_duration_ms] ,w.[wait_type] ,r.[status] ,r.[wait_resource] ,w.[resource_description] ,s.[program_name] ,w.[blocking_session_id] ,s.[host_name] ,r.[command] ,r.[percent_complete]

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