Nick Kewney

Software Architect & Product Builder



Never before has there been such a gulf between the excitement of a product’s name (The TELEFUNKEN) and the disappointing reality (an 11″ digital photo frame) In short, it’s an 11.3 inch LCD with a slide show feature meaning your “pictures change automatically” (actual product marketing). Can you imagine how joyless all your treasured memories would look displayed on its …

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iPhone 3G

Apprently Apple haven’t got enough of your money and want some more. Last week saw the announcement of the new iPhone 3G with exciting new features like 3G and… oh that’s all? Only Apple could make front page news out of something like this. I actually have Christmas gifts from my 90 year old grandparents that get used more than most …

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A ‘Feeling’ something wasn’t right

A meticulously planned sequence of events designed to allow me to get to The Feeling gig on time last night (despite being booked on the 6:30pm flight from Gatwick to Glasgow) had one major flaw. Before setting off on my travels earlier in the week, I decided to do something completely alien to me, planning: I intentionally stuffed everything I needed for my …

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