Using a Git repository with an existing Heroku app

You can  take an existing Git repo and add a remote using the git URL provided when you created your app. You may need to do this to associate a Git repository with an existing application.

The Heroku git:remote command will add this remote for you based on your applications git URL.

heroku git:remote -a myApp
Git remote heroku added.


Deleting duplicate records using T-SQL

WITH cte AS (
SELECT [Field1], [Field2]
 row_number() OVER(PARTITION BY [Field1], [Field2] ORDER BY [Field1]) AS [rn]
 FROM [Table1] WHERE [Column1]=[Condition1]
DELETE cte WHERE [rn] > 1


George Square, Glasgow – 19th September #throughglass

I was working late at our St. Vincent Place HQ on the day after the referendum and heard some noise down at George Square with Google Glass so I went down to investigate and got the following footage…