Technology is no place for fidelity

I just read an article titled ’Don’t Fall in Love With Your Technology’ and it got me thinking.

As a developer, I pose the question ‘Is there anything wrong with falling in love with particular technologies?’


In order for your relationship with your selected technology stack to work, you have to nurture it, practice it, live it and work with it. Take it out of the office and use it at home on a rainy Sunday afternoon, push it to its limits, explore it fully, however also understand it’s important to be able to accept when it’s no longer appropriate to use a particular technology.

The problem with falling in love with your technology is that many people I’ve met seem to do it ‘head over heels’.

Don’t be faithful when it comes to technology. Take a new one out for a spin every so often. You never know what you’re missing and if you don’t, you may fall behind.  If you don’t like it, don’t use it! Most importantly, keep your mind open.

It’s difficult enough staying up to date in this industry without becoming stagnant through loyalty to a particular technology or stack. I’d bet that the tech you’re using today will one day become a ‘remember the days I used to use….’ thought.

A New iPad for 2012: Thoughts from around the web

After much anticipation and countless rumours, the third generation of Apple’s iPad tablet has just been announced at a special event in San Francisco.

The Apple website currently shows the headline “Resolutionary”, which is exactly what this tablet appears to be. Despite sporting a retina display, improved processing power via an A5X chip and a 5MP camera capable of 1080p HD video recording, many were disappointed following the news that the device did not include the haptic touch feedback and Siri integration as rumoured on the wire.

When it’s realeased on March 16th, the new iPad will be available in the usual three sizes; 16GB for