Scotranslate for BlackBerry PlayBook

Since the BlackBerry PlayBook due to launch in the UK on June 16, I thought I’d write an app for Scotranslate.

The app is now on sale in BlackBerry App World for $0.99/£0.99 and will initially give users the ability to search for English to Scottish translations from their BlackBerry PlayBook device.

Scotranslate is a user contributed community translation project allowing visitors to search for Scottish versions of words or phrases.  If a word or phrase isn’t recognised by Scotranslate, it is submitted for user translation, and once a registered user clicks ‘Start Translating’, they will be presented with words and phrases at random, one at a time.

If the user sees a previous translation for this word/phrase that they agree with, they vote for it, otherwise, they enter their own interpretation and press suggest.  If a word or phrase gets 5 votes, it will appear in the Scotranslate dictionary. If it’s voted bad 5 times, it will be removed forever!
Here are a few screenshots:

PlayBook 1

PlayBook 2

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