BlackBerry Torch 9800: Top Features

I’ve been using a BlackBerry Torch 9800 for a few weeks now and think it’s a fantastic device.  Here are my favourite things about it; taking into account both the new device and BlackBerry OS 6.

  1. It’s as solid as ever
    Despite the new features, the operating system still feels as solid as ever.
  2. Battery life still decent
    Even with the larger screen and updated OS, my battery has been lasting a good few days.
  3. Multi-touch
    A bit jerk-o-matic at times, but a great implementation.
  4. The home screen
    Frequently used apps is a very nice touch and very intuative
  5. Modal style popup commands on tap/hold
    This is a really nice way to present lots of information
  6. Better music player & file management
    File management was pretty hideous on earlier versions of BlackBerry OS so the new interface is refreshing.
  7. A half decent browser
    Not fantastic, and still not in the same league as WebKit (Android) but very good nonetheless.
  8. Nice graphics & display
    UI was always BlackBerry’s weak point. It felt solid but was never too aesthetically pleasing. OS 6 changes this.

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