Sangoma A101D Intermittent Call Drop-Outs on Asterisk

This is a pretty dull post, but it’s for reference.

Over the past couple of months, I have been experiencing problems with a Sangoma A101D card on a BT PRI ISDN-30 line.  I’d been receiving OOF, AIS and RAI alarms from our provider which were recorded in the Wanrouter messages file.  According to Sangoma, earlier versions of the Wanpipe driver are a bit too keen to report OOF errors and this has been corrected in 3.5.11 and beyond.

Updating to the latest version of Wanpipe for Asterisk seems to correct the problems, and I’m monitoring the situation by tailing the /var/log/messages file on the Asterisk box with the script at the bottom of this post. 

If this doesn’t work for you, try disabling the echo canceller on the card to isolate this hardware.  Just issue wan_ec_client wanpipe1 disable on your Asterisk machine to disable the echo canceller.

#!/bin/bashmv /home/nkew/messages_latest.mail /home/nkew/messages_latest.mail.oldtail -100 /var/log/messages > /home/nkew/messages_latest.mailOLD_SIZE=`ls -l /home/nkew/messages_latest.mail.old | awk '{print $5}'`echo $OLD_SIZEecho "Subject: [JHL-Alert]: Sangoma Message Log Changed" >> tempfile echo -e "Hi Asterisk Admins,nnThis is an update to let you know that the Sangoma /var/log/messages file has been updatednnThe last 200 lines of the file are inclued below:n" >> tempfile cat /home/nkew/messages_latest.mail >> tempfilemv tempfile /home/nkew/messages_latest.mailNEW_SIZE=`ls -l /home/nkew/messages_latest.mail | awk '{print $5}'`echo $NEW_SIZEif [ $NEW_SIZE -ne $OLD_SIZE ]; then   echo "Since the file size has changed, let's trigger an e-mail."    /usr/lib/sendmail < /home/nkew/messages_latest.mail   /usr/lib/sendmail < /home/nkew/messages_latest.mail else   echo "Nothing has changed"fi

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