Twitter Brings Back SMS Updates for O2 Subscribers

In August 2008, it was announced that Twitter would stop sending SMS updates free outside the USA.

“Even with a limit of 250 messages received per week, it could cost Twitter about $1,000 per user, per year to send SMS outside of Canada, India, or the US.”

Today, it is reported that Twitter are re-introducing this service on a second UK network after a deal was signed with Vodafone earlier this year.

From today, O2 customers will be able to both send and receive updates from Twitter with only standard text messaging rates applying.

If you’re an O2 customer looking to enable the feature, Twitter tells you how on their blog:

“To Twitter over SMS with your iPhone or any other mobile, head over to your account settings and activate your device. The Twitter shortcode in the UK is 86444 if you want to save it in your address book.”

With the number of subscribers using smart phones, how widely used are SMS updates these days anyway? I wonder…

July ’09: Five Favourite Things

Trains – Travelling by train is so much easier than flying. No bags to check, no seat belts, no hours of waiting, no taking your shoes off. Plus you can just stare out of the window at the world going past and think about nothing for once.

Neighbourhood – I love this bar on Argyle Street, Glasgow.  I’m a sucker for a good home made burger from time to time. Great staff, decor and an up and coming location.

Drowning my phone – During my trip to France, I dropped my phone in the pool, which was a nice reminder that I don’t have to check my e-mail, Facebook and Twitter every 2 seconds. Even though I got a new one, I’m trying to continue the habit of only using my phone when needed.

Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer – The only hand dryer that literally scrapes water from your hands. I don’t visit public toilets without them. In fact, I wonder if I could buy one for my flat?

Avocado – I’m a huge fan of nature’s butter. I like it either by itself or as part of a tasty salad.