Service Levels and the Recession

Recent statistics released by the UK Customer Satisfaction Index indicate that the global economic downturn could have benefits for consumers in the form of better service from businesses of all sizes. The report shows a direct coloration between brand loyalty and customer retention. For this reason, it makes sense for companies to invest in technology and practices to win loyalty from customers without breaking the bank.

Captua, our data capture platform, can help companies achieve both goals through a cost effective, easy to deploy solution. Not only is the system extensible and agile, it doesn’t require any investment in personnel as all solutions are delivered via the Internet using the SaaS model. What’s more, the modular structure of the platform means that you can scale the system with your business.

Captua’s CRM Ticketing solution is a cost-effective way of dealing with customer complaints, compliments or feedback. The system can be deployed on a public website in minutes, and removes the need for a dedicated feedback team to deal with this type of request. Because the system is highly customisable, it is easy to integrate company branding and colours onto the system. Customers can recall tickets at any time using a unique ID and PIN, and can view a full trackback of the conversation, making them feel heard (and happier)

In conjunction with the CRM feature set, companies can also take advantage of a powerful tool to create and publish online surveys. The system is flexible and tightly integrated into the Captua platform. Customers can automatically request customer feedback after a support ticket has closed or deploy a survey to a contact list.

SMS can also be a cost-effective way to communicate with customers. Not only are they cheaper than phone calls (pricing from 8.1p), the need for additional staff to “cold call” is negated and customers are contacted on their own terms.  Text messaging can also benefit companies by using direct marketing to connect with groups of customers directly. What’s more, customer data can be acquired through Captua Survey and mapped directly into the relevant CRM account, meaning your prospect database builds itself organically!

The quality of service offered by companies is the key differentiator for companies targeting saturated, price competitive markets. Captua is an all-round, flexible solution which allows businesses to dramatically improve their customer relationships with very little IT knowledge or effort.

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