English to Scots Translations in your .NET Project

You can now use the Scotranslate dictionary in your own project using the new developer API.  You simply pass in the English phrase for translation and the system will return your phrase back in broad Scots!

You can use this to translate your entire website, or provide your own English to Scots translation service to your users.

What’s more, it couldn’t be easier to use:

Step 1

Add a web reference to the following web service from within Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 and call it Scotranslate.


Step 2

Create an instance of the translator object


Scotranslate.Translator MyTranslator = new Scotranslate.Translator();


Dim MyTranslator As New Scotranslate.Translator()

Step 3

Pass your string to the Translator object you just created and receive the translated text


string translatedString = "";
translatedString = MyTranslator.Translate(MyString);


Dim translatedString As String = ""
translatedString = MyTranslator.Translate(MyString)

Scotranslate’s vision is to be the largest, most relevant English to Scottish translator. For more information about Scotranslate, click here.


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