Importing CSV to Excel

This guide covers importing a CSV file into a blank worksheet using Microsoft Excel 2007.  Don’t open the CSV in Excel, instead create a new workbook, click on the data tab on the ribbon and select ‘Get External Data’, ‘From Text’. Test
Select ‘delimited’ if your data is seperated with a specific character. You’ll have to specify the delimiting character on the next step. If you have a header row, enter a value for ‘Start Import at row…’ Step 2
Click ‘Next’ and select your delimiting character. In this case, it’s a semi-colon ’;’ Delimiting character
If you wish to shape your data, you can enter field types here. For example, I want the ‘Barcode’ field to be rendered as Text as it may contain leading zeros or be summarised by Excel if it’s treated as a number. Next, select your existing worksheet and press OK to import your data.
Finish the process

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